Steel Casting factory PT Nigy satu Solusi


About US

NIGY SATU SOLUSI is a growing casting manufacturing, trading and general contractor company.

Our focus is on providing the best solutions for consumers in casting manufacturing and construction, providing competitive advantages from our services and products, by maintaining the sustainability of partnerships and paying attention to the production processes that we do

Vision & Mission

PT. NIGY SATU SOLUSI has one Vision to be the best steel fabricator company in Indonesia with reputation start in West
Java. We are optimistic to become one of the best Indonesian Company

We also have one Mission to bring quality service and product to customer as value added. We trust that will keep us to survive in local and national competition

Steel Casting factory Nigy satu Solusi


PT NIGY SATU SOLUSI provides a wide range of metal products for industrial and consumer needs directly. We have a factory standing on an area of 14,500 m2 with production capacity up to 500 kg / hour. We have various production machines such as universal lathe machine, Hobbing Machine, hydraulic copy milling machine and automatic lathe machine.

We produce various specifications of metal products including Ferro and non Ferro metal casting, low alloyed and high alloyed iron, low alloyed and high alloyed steel, machining to thermal spray.

Our metal products are used for various industries, such as automotive industries, power plants, cement, textiles, ceramics and other special specifications.


One of our services is working on and making steel construction for various building purposes, such as factory construction, bridge or other iron construction.

In Steel fabrication service we make the transmitter / electric tower, trolley, steel pallet, conveyor and various other products.

Work is done by employees who are experts and experienced in working on medium to large scale company projects.


We are also a consultant and installation of electrical installations and machinery for industrial needs, such as generator and plumbing engines.

We provide solutions for the best machine procurement and maintenance so that the machine can be used effectively and long-lived.


One of the solutions we provide to clients is civil and engineering work, we help clients ranging from planning, budget calculation, design and up to project implementation.

We help clients to get appropriate design and result with competitive costs


For clients who need production machines or other spare parts or any manufacturing consumable, we also provide trading services for the procurement of domestic and imported products in accordance with the specifications desired by the client.

Casting Products

metal casting Nigy Satu Solusi 1
metal casting Nigy Satu Solusi
metal casting Nigy Satu Solusi
metal casting Nigy Satu Solusi
metal casting Nigy Satu Solusi
metal casting Nigy Satu Solusi
metal casting Nigy Satu Solusi
metal casting Nigy Satu Solusi
metal casting Nigy Satu Solusi
metal casting Nigy Satu Solusi
metal casting Nigy Satu Solusi
metal casting Nigy Satu Solusi

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Office & Workshop I

Jl. Samsung IIA Blok C, No.5A Kaw. Segitiga Emas Pintu 6.
Jababeka – Cikarang – West Java.

Workshop II

Jl. Benda No.1 Rt.1 RW.2 Cikiwul,
Bantar Gebang – Bekasi – West Java

Workshop III

Batur – Ceper – Klaten – Central Java

Trading House

Glodok Jaya Building  3rd Floor Block D no. 2 Hayam Wuruk. street –  Jakarta